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Not your ordinary Thursday…

Welcome travelers, guests, adventurers, friends!
Today is a special day for us at a small boutique Hotel President Pantovcak in Zagreb, because we are finally launching our long planned Zagreb Travel Blog and Guide. Frankly, the idea has been around since our opening several years ago, but everyday life in a small hotel striving for excellence being what it is (amazing and exciting, but there never seems to be enough hours in a day), we got to its implementation only now.

When doing anything, do it right. Right?

The plan is to write both helpful and interesting articles on weekly basis, in a relaxed, witty manner, as a way of making this Zagreb travel blog a refreshment of sorts, a short escape from businesslike environment, both for you and us. We assembled for you a wonderful team of experienced local blog writers and storytellers who will show you firsthand what a magical and thrilling city Zagreb is. You can expect general Zagreb travel advice, we will review tourist attractions, popular restaurants and cafés, compare best hotels in Zagreb and Croatia, eat local food (and maybe write about it), offer informative content (like explaining Zagreb tram system, we also collected a lot of everyday questions from our guests) and cover main Zagreb events on weekly basis. Every now and then we will mix it up with some of our chosen most interesting stories from Zagreb history which will leave you breathless at times (you have been warned). In other words, we will do everything there is to do in Zagreb, so you don’t have to. But we suggest that you do. :))
This blog will keep you informed, updated and wanting to visit Zagreb (again) on first possible occasion.

Prepare yourself for an inspiring, uplifting, wildly romantic journey. Zagreb here we come!

On behalf of Hotel President Staff,Boris Vizintin Signature
Boris Vizintin, Managing Director.


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