Best five cakes you can eat in Zagreb

Top Five Cakes in Zagreb

When planning your stay, besides researching best hotels in Zagreb, it’s always worthwhile to know places to visit, what to do and most importantly, where to eat. Thankfully, your faithful staff from Hotel President Pantovcak eagerly accepted the mission of visiting several best pastry shops in Zagreb to bring you our top five cakes you can eat while staying with us.
It is well known that people living in Zagreb love pastry shops. Overtime, they became one of our city’s trademarks. Takeout our sit-down, with friends or alone, in sun, snow or rain, cakes are a great comforter and these will definitely pump up your mood! We have visited Orijent, The Cookie Factory, Amelie, Torte i to and Le Kolač.

Orijent: A cake from their new French Dacquiose line

To start off this review strong, we start with Orijent. This pastry shop was opened in 1936 and since then practically became an institution. When we have to order pastry or wedding cake for an event at Hotel President, this is where we will order it from. Their address is Maksimirska 34, and their ice-cream is made by 100 year old recipe. The cake they suggested us to try this time was called “Seventh continent”, from the line of French dacquoise cakes. It’s made from almond flour, caramel, peanut butter, chocolate mousse with banana and thin chocolate bars. This cake truly is amazing, and it will satisfy even the most demanding cake-lovers.

Dacquoise cake from Orijent

Le Kolac: Caramel Cake

An equally amazing cake is a Caramel Cake found in “Le Kolac” (Eng. Le Cake) on Petretic’s Square in Zagreb. Christmas cakes, muffins, cookies, English bread, they have it all, but what you definitely have to try is their Caramel Cake. Made from caramel (obviously), whole nuts, and no flour, this cake is made by an old recipe and definitely is unique. It reminded me personally of almost the same cake I tasted several years ago in one favela in Rio de Janeiro. It was probably the best cake I ever had.

Caramel cake
Marvelous and joyful setting of Le Kolac

Torte i to: ZaBundana torta (Eng. Tucked-in cake)

When opened in 2005 this pastry shop quickly became famous for their cheese cake which was supposedly the best cheese cake in Zagreb. ZaBundana torta is an autumn cake, and its name comes from a clever wordplay – “Bundeva” means “pumpkin”. This cake has delicious pumpkin heart, enclosed in wonderful cheese cream coating. You can enjoy this cake on three locations – Kaptol Centre, Salata and Tuskanova Street.

Pumpkin Cake at Torte i to
Pumpkin Cake at Torte i to

Amélie: Chocoorange

With its Shabby chic interior, this pastry shop is right next to the main Zagreb Square, and also on a new location, Dobri dol 49. The name says it all, this combination of chocolate mousse and fresh orange juice will win you right over!

Chocolate mousse cake with fresh orange juice
Chocolate mousse cake with fresh orange juice

The Cookie Factory: Cobblers trio

Right in the heart of the City, Tkalciceva street, this place is known for it delicious American sweets. Here we recommend you try out their Cobblers trio (Apple, Pear and Plum Cobbler) – heated and served warm, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A unique combination!

Cobblers Trio at Cookie Factory
Cobblers Trio at Cookie Factory

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  1. Also M&M in Ratarska street, than Piece of Cake in Petrova 66, Cukeraj on 3 locations, Aida on main square and few of them more.

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