Night of Museums

Museum Night in 2016., which is the eleventh in a row, starts Friday 29.01. at 18.00 hours. As of then, more than 250 cultural institutions, museums and libraries across Croatia are opening their doors to public requiring no entrance fees, and also accompanied with special programmes through the night, lasting until 1.00 in the morning.

Light effects only as warm up
Light effects as warm up

This year’s main topic of the Night of Museums is “Founders and Reformers – Josip Juraj Strossmayer, a Croatian patron”. Strossmayer is one of the most influential Croatian public figures of the 19th century, a politician and a bishop whose 200th birth anniversary was celebrated just last year.

This event attracts many visitors
This event attracts a number of visitors

Zagreb is participating with more than 50 events in its museums, offering various interesting activities along with permanent exhibitions. You can participate in different workshops and try to make carnival masks, discover graphic printing, do a fast course in Glagolic alphabet and much more.

The main opening ceremony of the Manifestation will be held on January 29th at 18:00 hours at the Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters in the Palace of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb, where the visitors will be able to see, besides the permanent exhibition, the exhibition of selected works of art that present bishop Strossmayer as a collector and the founder of the Strossmayer Gallery’s collection – definitely something worth checking out.

Organizers have also announced that public transportation will be completely free that afternoon, as well as Uber taxies which are supposed to offer donuts and water, and take visitors from one museum to another.

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