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Hotel President rated best Hotel in Zagreb by Telegraph UK

Hotel President Pantovcak was independently rated with the highest grade in Zagreb by the UK Telegraph Travel.

Hotel President, along with one more Hotel, were the only hotels rated 9/10 in our capital. Or as the text introduction describes Hotel President:


“An outstanding boutique hotel in Zagreb, on the edge of the city centre, oozing style and luxury. With a delightful garden, and living spaces filled with modern art and antiques, this is quite simply the most stylish place to stay in the Croatian capital”


You can also read the entire review here. It especially glorifies our Style and character defining our interior as “Effortlessly stylish, its refined décor and peaceful garden an oasis of good taste, peace and quiet.” Our service is impeccable while excerpt from Rooms states “luxurious and supremely stylish rooms and suites” and continues as “Dark polished wooden floors with Persian and tribal rugs, king-size bed, luxurious textiles, antiques and modern art combine to make these some of the most aesthetically pleasing and comfortable rooms in Zagreb.”

This is not the only recognition from global press. In 2015, NY Times published an article “36 hours in Zagreb” in which it mentions Hotel President as “something of a secret” to be visited.

To end with, Managing Director of Hotel President has given us a short comment:

“Every recognition of efforts we put into this project is not only welcomed, but it also helps us to see that we are on the right path. Especially when this recognition comes from such a global media force as Telegraph UK with their experts handpicking the best. We are preparing many upgrades and surprises that should be available to our Guests very soon, to which I must say thank you so much”

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  1. Wow!! That image itself is self-explanatory. I liked the greenery you have maintained surrounding the hotel. Damn sure many people will have enjoyed the peaceful serenity of your hotel. Thanks

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