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Samobor Carnival 2017.

Samobor, a charming small town just north of Zagreb, is most famous for two things. First would be kremšnite, custard cream cake dessert. Prepared according to recipe from 1950, it is undisputedly one of top three Croatian desserts. And while there are many variations of kremšnita around the country and beyond, nothing really comes close to one made in Samobor. Continue reading Samobor Carnival 2017.

Advent in Zagreb 2016./17.

It’s that time of the year again. Although it may sound as a catchy phrase (because it is), Advent puts some magic on us all, as it can make absolutely anyone smile. We are inviting you to come smile with us in Zagreb, proclaimed the Best European Advent Destination in 2016.  (UPDATE: Zagreb has won again, now it’s the best destination in 2017, too!) You will, trust us, fall in love with Advent in Zagreb which starts on 26th of November, 2016 and lasts until 8th of January 2017.

Continue reading Advent in Zagreb 2016./17.

Advent in Zagreb

Let’s start off with the big news: Advent in Zagreb is the best one in Europe! And no, this isn’t exaggerating – this is award given to Zagreb from European Best Destinations. In tough competition against twenty most beautiful European cities, with voters from 176 different countries, Zagreb managed to get on the top. Even the Daily Mail states: “Forget Vienna and Prague, head to Zagreb”. Apparently, our capital makes great progress each year, offering inspiring ambience to visitors. Continue reading Advent in Zagreb